Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pencil study of details from " The taking of Christ"

kevin gough

This study was completed using Derwent pencils. This study is detail taken from the work "The taking of Christ" by Caravaggio. I'm going to get through as many of these as I can as the difficulty in transferring them to graphite allows me to learn more each time I attempt one. Like the others in the Caravaggio series this one was my fifth attempt before I felt I had arrived at an acceptable level.
All attempts bar the previous post have been consigned to the fire.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pencil study of the face of Christ from Caravaggio's "Taking of Christ"

 kevin gough

Study of the face of Christ from Caravaggio's "Taking of Christ"
for a larger work that I intend to start soon.
This was done with Derwent pencils and minen leads.
I also used one of my rough bristle oil brushes to
push the lead into the paper, this helps me get closer to the chiaroscuro
of the original Caravaggio.The jpeg in the blog here should 
appear at about the size this piece is in reality.

Study of a mourner

A scribble using the soft Derwent graphite pencils and finished off with Minen leads.
I have recently began to use minen lead alongside the derwents.
The minen leads are the mechanical pencil refill type and allow me to
quickly work out the main drawing lightly in a 2H before beginning.
The rest of the drawing then involves gradually increasing the weight of the
values until they arrive at their desired strength.

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